Manual Operated Hydraulic Tools

Manual Hydraulic Cutter - Model TS-20

Precision Hydraulic
Compression and Cutting Tools

The TS-20 cuts anything from guy wire to anchor rod and most overhead and underground cables. It is portable, lightweight, and made to last years under the toughest field conditions.

Model TEP-410
12 Ton Compression Tool with Rubber Boot – 1” Jaw Opening

Features: Protective Rubber Boot on “C” Head
External Pressure Adjustment

The TEP-410, hand operated, compression tool features a two stage rapid advance pumping system. It accepts all U-type dies currently manufactured for 12 ton tools on the market.

Consult your connector manufacturer for exact cable, connector, and die combinations. Huskie stocks a variety of dies, simply specify the manufacturer’s die and connector numbers when contacting your dealers. A carrying case is included.

Model TEP-410H
12 Ton Remote Compression C-Head with Rubber Boot – 1” Jaw Opening

The TEP-410H is a traditional C-head with a one-inchjaw opening. It will accept all “U” type dies currently used in 12 ton tools on today’s market.

A 10,000 psi external pump is required to operate the C-head. The output pressure is 12 tons when the pump is set at 10,000 psi. After a compression is made on a lug or sleeve, an internal ram spring retracts the jaw when the pump pressure is relieved. The tool is supplied with a standard 3/8” male, screw type coupler but can be fitted with an opposite female coupler if requested. Carrying case included.

• Protective Rubber Boot on “C” Head

NOTE: When using any of these high-pressure tools, always use 10,000 psi rated non-conductive hose (NC-16 series).


Huskie was the first to market the battery operated tool in the early 1990s and still maintains a single battery operated system (14.4 volts) that fits all five product generations introduced over the past fifteen years. Huskie has invented a variety of new tool designs to meet the expanding needs of the Electric Utility Industry.  In fact last month Huskie introduced the first Lithium Ion battery into the crimper/connector market to show a dedication to the “green” cultural movement. The new battery system is completely interchangeable with all generations of past Huskie tools. 

Huskie Tools has several new tool product designs in various stages of development.  Most of these tools are new generations of previously released and successful tools that are targeted for increased penetration within the Utility Industry.

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